professornana (professornana) wrote,

stinkin' up the joint

The fourth book in David Lubar's NATHAN ABERCROMBIE ACCIDENTAL ZOMBIE is THE BIG STINK (Tor/Starscape 2010). Once again Nathan and his pals Mookie and Abigail are facing some of the slings and arrows of outrageous school fortunes. As the novel opens, they along with their classmates have been sent to hold class at the nearby elementary school while their own school undergoes removal of slime and mold. Complications arise when the 8th graders end up sharing the same classroom. Watch out for the bullies.

Nathan, an accidental zombie, is experiencing a new problem with his slowly rotting body: he is beginning to stink. How can he solve this new wrinkle? And how will his mother's error in ordering outfits for the cute little bears at the Stuffy Wuffy Bear Store enter into the equation? Master humorist Lubar follows Tim Gunn's advice and makes it work. Laugh out loud fun and perfect for reading aloud, this series is sure to be a hit among those sometimes reluctant readers. Stink, farts, vomit, and more await readers in The Big Stink. <388>

Had a great YA class today despite: 1) no AC in the building for the first 90 minutes of class; 2) not enough seats for all the students; 3) someone thinking that they could turn off the AC at lunch time. Nothing like 104 temps outside feeling almost balmy...
Tags: humor, series, tweens
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