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09 September 2010 @ 06:12 pm
hitting the road again  
Tomorrow I hot the road for class. I drive 400 miles south (with my friend and birthday girl, Lois) and teach a class in the Rio Grande Valley Saturday. Then Sunday I drive back 400 miles. Repeat the next two weekends with slightly different destinations. I refuse to give up this chance to meet FTF with my students. I love the interactions. I get to see where these folks live and teach. They get to see my passion up close (back up there, it's contagious). I know so many programs that are totally online and I just need to shake my head at the folly. In any event, I doubt I will have much time for reading tomorrow, so I am posting updates for a couple of other books to fill in the gaps while I travel.

SHORT: WALKING TALL WHEN YOU'RE NOT TALL AT ALL by John Schwartz (Roaring Brook 2010) is a must have for anyone working with teens (especially boys) who feel somehow diminished because they are short. Schwartz recounts all of the stories of growing up short and having to learn how to deal with bullies and others who make fun. More importantly, he debunks the studies that have pointed to correlations between short stature and lack of intelligence and short stature and lower earning potential. I wish he would now tackle all of the rather questionable education studies that promoted NCLB and RttT in the same way. <386>

I taught 7th grade for a few years, and so many of my boys had not had growth spurts yet. I saw how easy ti was for others to sense weakness and pick on them simply because they were short. Or different in any way for that matter. SHORT is a terrific book to share with middle school kids who often feel that they are different, deformed, branded, bullied, and the like.

The primer coat is on the bookcases (that took most of the day). Tomorrow they should get their little paint coats. Then in ten days, I can start loading books onto the shelves. I cannot wait. In the meantime, we are trying hard not to stumble over all that has been moved for this event. Sigh, I love the finished product but the interim.....sucks.
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