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The stack is not too bad today. I have a box staring at me from the corner daring me to add its contents, though. I will unpack it before I leave today. I even took a few minutes to weed a cart of books this morning. I am on a roll after the long weekend gave me time to relax and catch up with some reading.

Here are a few books to end the morning.

THE HALLOWEEN KID by Rhode Montijo (Simon and Schuster 2010) is a rip-snortin' tale of how one dedicated lawman kept the Halloween critters in line. When a t.p. mummy threatened, when a vampire began sucking all of the pumpkins: Halloween Kid was there to lasso em and haul em off. Perfect illustrations (dark yet funny) and a nicely accented text are a perfect combo for reading aloud at Halloween! <379>

George Ella Lyon and Lynne Avril give us THE PIRATE OF KINDERGARTEN (Atheneum 2010). I must admit to surprise as I expected this to be a tale of a high spirited young girl who takes over her school class by being a pirate of some kind. Instead, readers get to know Ginny, a young girl who loves books and reading and school and yet has a problem. Trouble is, she does not know she has a problem. She sees double images. That makes it tough to negotiate chairs in the reading circle let along words and numbers. When she is finally diagnosed, she gets to wear an eye patch to help correct the problem.

I so relate to this book. My two eyes operate independently from each other. I am near sighted in one and far sighted in the other. By all rights, I should see two images, but my brain compensated early one to suppress one. <380>

MY FATHER KNOWS THE NAMES OF THINGS by Jane Yolen with illustrations by Stephanie Jorisch (Simon and Schuster 2010) is a bright and breezy story about a Dad who tells his kids the names of the animals and plants and clouds and everything that surrounds them. <381>

Finally, here is GUNNER, FOOTBALL HERO by James Ransome (Holiday House 2010). We are, of course, in the early throes of football season here. It amazes me and my better half to see all of the people who show up to sit in the rain and watch high school football. I save myself for the Steeler games, personally. However, I loved this story of an improbable football player with a rocket-launcher for an arm. The nice twist at the end is too delicious to spoil here. <382>
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