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Paulsen makes me laugh

So, this post will more than likely get spammed. Did you know that PETA targets Paulsen and has spammed me for writing about his books because they do not like that he runs the Iditarod? I do not care one whit. I love Gary Paulsen. I love his books, too. I love that he "gets" kids and what makes them tick. I love that he is able to offer funny books (and serious ones, too) for boys especially in those critical years (intermediate and middle school). So, here is his latest to make kids LOL.

Here we have a trio of friends. One is the scientific guy (Riley), one is the "brains (Henry) and one is the fall guy (Reed). Each chapter of MASTERS OF DISASTER (Wendy Lamb Books, 2010) is a stand alone story that tells of their misadventures. Henry comes up with a brilliant plan. Riley records it all very scientifically. Reed ends up getting soaked in some foul-smelling substance. Like HOW ANGEL PETERSON LEARNED TO FLY and HARRIS AND ME and THE SCHERNOFF DOSCOVERIES, this is fertile territory for Paulsen's imagination. How convoluted can the escapade be? How much danger will it hold? How blind to possible outcomes can three guys be? Teachers need to read aloud ONE of the chapters and then let the kids discover the joys that await in the rest of this book. <377>
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