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Sara Holbrook gives teachers something to cheer about in her latest poetry collection, ZOMBIES! EVACUATE THE SCHOOL (Wordsong 2010). Short, funny poems about school are the focus of the book. However, text balloons offer questions to pose about word choice, imagery, and other poetic elements. Teachers can read these aloud from time to time and then direct kids' attention to the craft of the author/poet. For "100% Me," Holbrook exhorts kids to try their own hand at creating this type of poem. So, here goes (thanks, Sara for the permission to try):

100% Me

20% confidence (false but that's ok if it works)
10% doubt (all too evident I fear)
8% sighs (like that ever works)
12% clout (in cased the sighs don't work)
20% homebody (I love my couch)
10% world traveler (but I love to get out, too)
10% compulsive (really, am I?)
10% care unraveler (I am SO here for you).

It might add up, not good at math
To 100% me, if you follow the path

OK, pathetic, but it is a draft, right?

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