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Dwight is a weird kid. He likes to dig holes and sit in them. He fails all classes except math. AND he sometimes wears an origami Yoda on his finger and offers sage advice through the paperwad (as one student refers to it) that is Yoda. One of his classmates, Tommy, decides to document the Yoda's advice to see if it is indeed wise. In chapters written by various members of the class, readers will come to know Dwight and Tommy and Tater Tot and Sarah and many others who inhabit the realm of the Origami Yoda. The text is in varying typefaces on a background of paper that appears to have been crumpled. Origami Yodas and other doodles illustrate the chapters and appear at the bottom of the pages next to the page numbers. Shifting points of view help tell a story that does not quite resolve the question at hand. Is the Origami Yoda real? Is it really Dwight offering advice? Why is Dwight so strange? Lots of questions and answers will have to come from the readers. <373>
Tags: blurring lines, metafiction, tween books

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