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Alien Invasion

Jon Scieszka is one of the featured speakers at our annual conference in November (the other is Laurie Halse Anderson). I would have read his new book even if he were not coming to Texas, but this seemed like a good excuse to move it up the TBR stack.

It is Michael's first day in fith grade, and it is an awful start for his new year in a new school. He is assigned to sit with two other new kids who are, well, weird to put it mildly. One likes to eat pencils and talk as if she were the annoucer on the WWF. Her companion, Bob, speaks commercial-speak and does not seem to know the most rudimentary things about school and about life on Earth in general. They are Spaceheadz, beings from an other planet, who enlist Michael's help in saving Earth from being shut down. How they know Michael and come to him for assistance is just one of the many mysteries that are revealed a bit at a time. Of course, if there are aliens present, there needs to be someone tracking them. Enter Agent Umber of the AAA, the lowliest agent in his bureau because things often go awry when he is on the case. Bumbling and clueless adults, smart kids (the Spaceheadz can take a Foreman grill and convert it into a useful communication device), commercials, wrestling references, school: what more could one ask for when seeking ways to make kids snort liquids through their noses because they are laughing too hard than is safe. Scieszka's new series is sheer fun (but could there be some lessons to be learned, too?) and not without some incredible online resources, too. <371>
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