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picture books 3.0

One stack is smaller and another is growing, but I think I am beginning to win the battle of the books on my desk. Here is another handful of picture books in the meantime.

THE BOSS BABY by Marlee Frazee (Beach Lane 2010) is so spot on perfect. Buy this for any new parents you know. When the baby arrives, it is clear that he is the boss. See how a tiny baby can be the big, bad boss with just a little effort. Of course, the illustrations by Caldecott Honor Medalist Frazee are priceless and add so much to the simple text. <364>

Ah, whiny children, one of my favorite topics for soapbox. That meant I was predisposed to love MONSTERS EAT WHINY CHILDREN by Bruce Eric Kaplan (Simon and Schuster 2010) of course. When two kids are too whiny, they are taken (as they have been threatened/warned by their parents) to be eaten by monsters, whiny monsters. Perfection. Dark, funny, happy ending. <365>

Who could resist the face of the lovely bee on the cover of Eileen Spineeli's BEE (Simon and Schuster 2010)? When Bee learns that scientists believe it is impossible for a bee to actually fly (I think of Robert Cormier's THE BUMBLEBEE FLIES ANYWAY), she is grounded. What will it take for her to regain her confidence? Vincent Nguyen's illustrations are terrific at conveying the emotions of all the characters. <366>

(An aside: lots of bee books this year. Look at THE HIVE DETECTIVES in particular for a great nonfiction book on the topic)

WHO SAID COO? by Deborah Ruddell (Beach Lane 2010) with illustrations by Robin Luebs shows the frustrations of a pig who is disturbed as she is trying to fall asleep. Tie this to THE SLEEP SHEEP and ONE DROWSY DRAGON for a good start on a ladder. <367>

THE FIRST CHRISTMAS illustrated by Sophy Williams (Templar Books 2010) hearkens back to some of the early movable books with its changing picture format that tells of the Nativity. Sturdy board book format will hold up to repeated uses. <368>

Finally, for this installment, we have BIBLIOBURRO, A TRUE STORY FROM COLOMBIA by Jeanette Winter (Beach Lane 2010). Luis loves books and decides to share his passion with those less fortunate. And so he loads up his burro and travels into remote villages to spread the love of books and reading and story to the children. I would read kids Kathi Appelt's UP SHIN CREEK, the story of the pack mule librarians and David Small's THAT BOOK WOMAN as follow up stories. <369>
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