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After reading IT'S A BOOK by Lane Smith, I have been thinking about all of the books that are somehow metafiction that are available for readers of all ages. Here is one that uses some of the characteristics of metafiction. THERE ARE NO CATS IN THIS BOOK by Viviane Schwartz opens with whispered conversations on the end papers asking "did you pack the can opener?" and die cut holes on the cover for eyes to peer at the reader. Tiny, Moonpie, and Andre are our three main characters. They are leaving the world of the book for the real world at large. They try pushing out to no avail. How they escape the confines of the book is a nifty little turn. The last endpapers bring a different cast of characters to the story, taking us full circle. <363>

Now, back to tackling the stack of books that needs some attention before it topples.
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