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02 September 2010 @ 09:57 am
picture books, part 2 (though you see this posting first)  
I am simply trying to clear some of the new books from my desk and have been picking up picture books randomly. However, most of these have been movable and/or concept books so far. Nice when there is that synchronicity.

When a litter "bug" throws some uneaten food out the car window, it is time for the BIG RIG BUGS (Walker 2010) to come to the rescue. Kurt Cyrus has created bold, outsized illustrations that show bugs taking on big rig-like qualities as they haul away the debris. <360>

Lois Ehlert's books are always a joy to see. LOTS OF SPOTS is no exception (Beach Lane 2010). Her collage illustrations feature animals which use spots, stripes, and other markings either as camouflage or as identifiers. From the chameleon to the panda and on to the turtle, there is a wide array of nature presented in all of its spotted glory. <361>

Finally, for this installment, is ONE BLUE FISH (Little Simon 2010) by Charles Reasoner. Lift the flap with the number and underneath you will find different animals. Under the ONE is one blue fish and so on to 10. <362>
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