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Picture Book Thursday, deluxe edition

I am up at the office on a Thursday this week for a couple of reasons. First, my usual Monday was spent on a flight back from Honolulu. Then, I needed a few days to recuperate from the time differences (5 hours each way). Yesterday we had new bookcases built in for the living and dining room. It was a 14 hour day with workmen. And then this morning, Scout jumped from one of the old bookcases (not anchored to the wall) to the new built in and in the process knocked over the old one which fell and hit the window blinds. Crack! Fortunately, the window was spared. Ah, what a sweet cat (end ironic typeface here).

So, first up this morning are some interactive books, pop ups mostly. They are my favorites, I admit, in children's books. However, they can be used for lots of activities with older readers as well.

HEADS by Matthew Van Fleet (Simon and Schuster 2010) is the follow up to TAILS (natch). This movable and touchable book compares the heads of various animals from their manes and furs to their teeth and tongues. Think of using this as a way to enter into a discussion of critical attributes not just of animals but of more abstract things as well (what are the critical attributes of a good book?). <356>

KATY DUCK GOES TO DANCE CLASS by Alyssa Satin Capucilli (Little Simon 2010) is a simple movable book with a balletic duck who jetes and twirls. Great for an intro to ballet moves but also simple enough to show kids how to do some of the easier paper engineering (see HOW TO MAKE POP UPS for more details). <357>

CIRCUS OPPOSITES is by Caldecott Honor Medalist Suse MacDonald (ALPHABATICS)(Little Simon 2010) is both a movable book and a concept book. Lift the legs on the short clown and he grows into a tall clown. Under the stand where the large elephant balances is a small mouse. You get the idea. This is a good model for older readers who could write their own concept books. <358>

WHERE IS TIPPY TOES? by Betsy Lewin (Atheneum 2010) has die cuts and flaps that show the path Tippy Toes the cat traces during the course of a day. Pair this with Tana Hoban's LOOK BOOK or other books where readers have to hazard guesses (draw conclusions, make predictions) based upon limited evidence. <359>
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