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31 August 2010 @ 12:14 pm
almost normal, whatever that is  
Slept like rocks last night. Napped already this morning. I am slowly returning to this time zone. Reluctantly. Here is my last book for August. I think it brings the monthly total to 59 and the annual total to almost 350.

WE ARE NOT BEASTS OF BURDEN: CESAR CHAVEZ AND THE DELANO GRAPE STRIKE by Stuart Kallen (Twenty-First Century Books 2010) is the second book on Chavez I have seen this year. It is part of a series of nonfiction books about civil rights struggles. What is interesting is that the photos from this book and the other on Chavez both use many of the same stock photos and quotes as well. I did learn quite a bit from each book, though, as there has not been much about Chavez and his work available for younger readers. It is also refreshing to see other leaders from this movement highlighted alongside Chavez.

Other books in this series include editions about Gandhi, the lunch counter sit-ins, student activists in Tiananmen and strikes against garment manufacturers. While I would ideally love to see non-serial works, this territory is essential and needs to be explored. This series is attractively designed and formatted. Plenty of call out boxes, a glossary, timeline and bibliography make it a good choice for introducing readers to social activism.
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