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home sweet home

We left Hawaii with some regret. It would have been lovely to have a few more days to visit more of the island of Oahu. However, the better half came home with hundreds of photos, we brought swag for family and colleagues. More importantly, I returned with a renewed sense of purpose after spending an energizing day with the teachers there in Honolulu.

The flight was a long one, so I had time to read this book.

REVOLUTION by Jennifer Donnelly (Delacorte, October 2010)combines contemporary and historic in the story of Andi. Andi and her family are still mourning the murder of her younger brother. For Andi, the events of her brother's death still haunt her as she blames herself for what occurred. Andi's mother does little more than attempt to paint portraits of her dead son. And Andi's father is gone, has left the family and started a new life of his own. However, when he comes to confront Andi about her failing grades and sees the state of the house and Andi's mother, Andi finds herself being forced to travel with her father to France. It is there that Andi will discover the diary of another impetuous and passionate teen girl, one who lived during the turbulent times of the French Revolution. Donnelly combines these rather parallel stories, weaving between Andi's life in present day and Alex's life more than 200 years in the past. Themes of family, war, confrontation, responsibility and more are explored as Andi and Alex's life connect in a rather frightening way. <353>

Summaries cannot properly convey the power of this novel. As she proved so adeptly in A NORTHERN LIGHT, Donnelly can effortlessly weave seemingly disparate stories into one lovely tapestry. Her ability to capture the emotions of her characters, those alive in contemporary Brooklyn and those ghosts from centuries old Paris, create a story that draws readers in and holds them captive. It is because of REVOLUTION that I am now fully sleep deprived. I was one of the few who did not sleep on the overnight flight. I was too concerned about Andi and Alex and their fate to stop reading for an instant.
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