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I usurped the title of Sylvia Vardell's book on poetry here for this posting on Naomi Shihab Nye's most excellent anthology TIME YOU LET ME IN: 25 POETS UNDER 25 (Greenwillow 2010). Nye is one of my favorite: 1) people, 2) poets, 3) anthologists. She also gives one heckuva speech as she proved so ably a couple of years ago at the ALAN breakfast when she had us on our feet applauding at an ungodly hour.

I saw a call from my friend and colleague Paul Hankins to stop age branding books as they limit the audience. Here is a perfect case for allowing a book to find its own audience. Twenty-five poets under the age of 25 contribute their efforts in this anthology. There are poems suitable for readers in intermediate, middle, and high school as well as college and adult readers. Example from Chase Berggrun:

"do you think
if you left your house
emily dickinson
your poems would have titles?"

What a perfect gem is this? There are more: EVOLUTION OF A WRITER and TO MY GRANDFATHER, A YEAR LATER are just two of my favorites from this collection that proves beyond a doubt that poetry is alive and well. Dip into this collection. Wiggle your toes into its gritty bottom. Delight in to the cool refreshment and icy surprises that await. Relish in the liquid embrace of the words, familiar and strange in the same instant. Submerge yourself in each luscious syllable. <348>
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