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When Paski's (short for Pasquala Rumalda Quintana de Archuleta) father moves them to sunny California from New Mexico, she is in for some rude awakenings. School is no longer a place where she feels accepted and part of a group of friends. Instead, she is faced with all the "haters", those students who believe that they can decide who is cool and who is not. Paski commits the ultimate mistake when she falls for Chris Cabrera, the love interest of Jessica Nguyen, the most powerful girl at Aliso Niguel High. Jessica will do anything to wreak revenge, and Paski certainly needs to fear for her life. Jessica plays to win.

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez moves from adult literature (The Dirty Girls Social Club and Playing with Boys) to offer her take on cliques and chicks. HATERS combines some of the magical realism of BOY MEETS BOY (David Levithan)for surely Niguel High School cannot exist even in the lowest circles of Dante's imagined hell. However, what is so real and so disturbing is the presence of haters in every school every where. An additional treat here are the wonderfully weird characters, from the motocrossing Jessica Nguyen to the suddenly gone Hollywood father of Paski, to the Japanese family who live in the apartment that connects to Paski's.

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