professornana (professornana) wrote,

the witching hour

Spent 12 hours at the office today. It was mostly spent in meetings. ACK! But now I am free for about the next 9 days. My better half and I head to Hawaii Wednesday. I am speaking in Honolulu Saturday and we are taking a couple of extra days there for vacay. Needless to say, I did not read one book all day. However, yesterday, I read 4. Here is the first one.

This sequel to Hoffman's outstanding GREEN ANGEL (2003) is as mesmerizing and enthralling and captivating and lyrical and more. GREEN WITCH (Scholastic 2010) picks up with the story of Ash, now known as the Green Witch. She is still dealing with the loss of her family among the innumerable victims of The Horde who destroyed the city across the bridge. She has begun to reach out to the other survivors: Finder, a teen boy who manages to scavenge bits and pieces and reassemble them into useful objects (for Green Witch: a typewriter) and the other "witches" who live on the water and the mountain and are trying to piece together their own shattered lives. Hoffman writes with such spare language that the book seems to fly along at a breakneck pace. It is simply one of those books to drink in greedily and then savor long after. I think a fascinating companion would be MONSTERS OF MEN by Patrick Ness.
Tags: alice hoffman, sequels
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