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NEWS FLASH: GAIL GILES' BOOK CAPTURES READERS FROM PAGE ONE. Also, water is wet. Itis no surprise to find that the latest offering by Gail Giles is an absorbing, riveting, thrilling, totally compelling book. Not for those who have read SHATTERING GLASS, RIGHT BEHIND YOU, or any of Giles' other offerings for teens. DARK SONG (Little Brown 2010) draws readers into the too-perfect life of Ames Ford and her family. Wealthy and privileged, Ames' life is thrown off track completely when news breaks about her father. Turns out he has been short selling by taking money from his clients' accounts. The family is ruined financially and socially. They flee the burbs of Boulder for the mean streets of Texas where they will have to live in a rental home that has seen better days. Enter Marc. He is sent to help the family move into their new digs. Before long, Marc and Ames are involved. Even after Ames discovers some of Marc's dangerous secrets, the two continue to see one another clandestinely. This train wreck cannot end happily, can it? Giles keeps readers turning pages hurriedly in this examination of power and abuse and evil. <344>

We go pick up the resident of the back bedroom from the newlyweds this morning. It has been so nice to have 36 hours of quiet, but school begins tomorrow. Mine, too.
Tags: dark song, gail giles, riveting reads
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