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books save lives

Took a couple of books along to the latest doctor appointment yesterday. Again, that was the only good thing to come of going to see the doctor who patted me on the head and said maybe we might try to fix my problem in December. Just check with one of his girls. *bloodpressurespikesoutofcontrol* Breathe. Read. OKAY. So here is the book that saved me yesterday.

Rosemary Wells tells the story of Secundino Fernandez in MY HAVANA with illustrations by Peter Ferguson (Candlewick 2010). Dino and his family are forced to leave Cuba on a couple of occasions. First, they return to his parents' home in Spain to help tend for a sick relative. Later, they flee Cuba when Castro ascends to power. Dino misses his homeland and its exquisite buildings which he draws and paints. He uses the sketches to build his own little city in New York. It becomes a refuge until he learns to love his new home and country. The illustrations are lush and lovely, perfectly mirroring Dino's love for the architecture of Havana. Rosemary Wells, who heard about Dino in a radio interview, tells his story simply: the story of a child forced to leave the home he loves and endure teasing for being different in his new homeland. Short chapters make this a perfect read aloud to help all students feel at home this new school year. <342>
Tags: architecture, cuba, immigrants, politics
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