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mid week book report

Yesterday afforded me the chance to read quite a few books. I read two this morning and hope for time for a third one before meeting with decorator and remodeling people to plan some more destruction, I mean, reconstruction about the house.

I think IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT: A GIRL'S GUIDE TO HER FIRST CAR by Erika Stalder (Zest 2009) has promise. It discusses how to go about looking for, acquiring, and caring for a car from a teen girl's perspective (though why girls need a different book from boys eludes me). I thought the basics were covered well. And then I noticed a couple of things that a smart editor should have caught. "Breaking" is different in meaning than "Braking," folks. Shame, shame for letting that one slip. One other thing bothered me: the discussion of waxing the car. The text breezily says that wax is good for more than bikini lines. That;s a little too much for me. I know it is meant to be funny. I think it misses the mark. It is the codger in me, no doubt. <332>

Do not sell this little gem short. STINK-O-PEDIA, VOLUME TWO by Megan MacDonals (Candlewick 2010) contains tons of interesting facts about things stinky and things not so stinky as well. Info about earwax, newts, poop, and snot are among the new things to be learned and shared. Humorous sketches by Peter Reynolds embellish the text and extend the laugh as well. Jokes, riddles, and quizzes make this book not just fun but also thought-provoking. <333>

One final book from yesterday before I close out for the morning.

It took me some time to get around to FALLEN by Lauren Kate (Random House 2009) in audio. Yesterday I finished up the first installment in the lives of Cam, Daniel, and Luce. Luce is sent to reform school after the mysterious death of the boy she was dating. There she meets Cam and Daniel who vie for her attention. One little thing about these two guys: they are fallen angels, something Luce discovers over the course of the story. And, it runs out, Luce and Daniel have been close in Luce's past lives. How will this one be different? How can Luce figure out the past and try to feel her way into the future? Teen angst at its best meets star-crossed lovers meets supernatural beings meets huge clashes between good and evil. I know teens are already anticipating the sequel. Team Daniel? Team Cam? <334>
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