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when is a book not a book? warning: political content.

Maybe when it is a diatribe with covers? Like this one:

Not a YA book, published by a house that specializes in sci-fi, and basically a reissue of the 1994 version of the same book but upgraded with political cartoons. Where to begin? TAXPAYERS' TEA PARTY; HOW TO BECOME POLITICALLY ACTIVE AND WHY should be mandatory reading, especially for those who, like me, who wonder about the appeal of this arch conservative movement. All you have to do is read the book (introductions by Rush Limbaugh <1994 edition and included here> and Newt Gingrich) to see that there is no debate possible. About 10 pages of the more than 225 are given over to political cartoons, lists of representatives and senators and how to call, write, and email them, and "scorecards" on vulnerable Democrats who need to be turned out of office. The other 10 pages have the TP manifesto. One is Six Steps to Better Health Care that begins with "stop paying the crooks." Hard to argue that. Move to an electronic system. I am for that one, too, but how does that save us? (by eliminating costly errors, apparently, as we do not make those errors electronically). The Solutions for Jobs and Prosperity include doing away with the capital gains tax, reducing tax rates on businesses, abolish the death tax and the other weary statements we have seen before. <326>

There is some nastiness here as well, some left over from the 1994 edition (remember Hillary was our co-President back then, right?) and some new to this one. I applaud the author for becoming politically active and taking on waste and corruption from the inside. I think there is much to be learned here. I know I sure did learn how name-calling and finger-pointing has gotten us nowhere since the initial publication of this book some 16 years ago. I also learned that apparently nothing good happened between then and now despite some other folks being President. Hmmmm......

Now I need to go wash my brain out with another book.
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