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Picture Book Monday Midday Edition

Two nonfiction books for your post lunch enjoyment.

Kathleen Krull and Paul Brewer present new dimension to one of our most famous leaders in LINCOLN TELLS A JOKE: HOW LAUGHTER SAVED THE PRESIDENT (AND THE COUNTRY) with illustrations by Stacy Innerst (Harcourt 2010). Lincoln often told jokes and used humor to relieve difficult situations. Here Krull and Brewer share a few of his witticisms while they talk about the incredible obstacles Lincoln faced as a child, young man, and President. <324>

J.M. Barrie is the subject of Jane Yolen's LOST BOY: THE STORY OF THE MAN WHO CREATED PETER PAN with illustrations by Steve Adams (Dutton 2010). Opening her biography with the phrase, "Once upon a time" sets readers in just the right place to listen in on Barrie's childhood and his progress as a writer. Lines from the play and other Barrie creations and sources about Barrie are featured as almost captions under the luminous illustrations that accompany Yolen's text. <325>

Perhaps there will be a late-breaking edition. Now back to your regularly scheduled post lunch activity.
Tags: nonfiction, picture books
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