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England Rocks, but so do books like Blue Bloods

Back finally from a week long vacation across the pond. My first trip abroad was incredible, but so were the three books I managed to squeeze in during transit. I began the 10 hour flight to London with BLUE BLOODS by Melissa de la Cruz (she of the Au Pair fame) mostly because my 15 year old was bugging me to read the book already so she could read it. Corrie will have the chance to read it tonight as it finally made its way out of the suitcase.

BLUE BLOODS gives us Schuyler Van Alen, a sophomore at a prestigious private school in NYC. As she turns fifteen, Schuyler begins to notice changes in her body and her behavior. Schuyler learns that she is one of the blue bloods, a group of vampires who ancestry goes back to the original settlers from the Mayflower who came to America to escape those who would hunt them down and kill them. Schuyler, who before her coming of age, was one of the outcasts of the school, now finds herself in the midst of a very elite group indeed.

There is plenty to like here and this book is sure to delight those who search for books about vampires. It blends the lore and gore of vampires with the outcast vs. popular cliques theme rampant in series such as GG. It was the perfect way to begin the long flight to England. It even made the turbulence over Greenland seem part of the mood of the story.

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