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world domination advice

THE TEEN'S GUIDE TO WORLD DOMINATION: ADVICE ON LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF AWESOMENESS by Josh Shipp (Griffin 2010) is a self help book for teens. Shipp talks about gaining self confidence, hanging out with good friends, getting an education, making plans, and all that jazz. He does so with quick quips and stories and anecdotes from his own life. A lot of this is just good common sense and also advice teens get from other sources (school, home, community). Here it is stretched out over 200 pages with chapters on identity, friends, goals, and the like. The tone is very informal almost as if you were attending one of Shipp's presentations.

Perhaps the adult in me rankles a bit at the sort of advice from a "hey, I'm not your parents, I'm cool" author. I did note there were some regrettable errors in a book of nonfiction (and he talks about his editor interfering and making him use big words). I am also more than a little apprehensive that cute girls are labeled as "puppies" or distractions. Most of the book is aimed at teen guys. Well, all but one comment is guy-oriented, and that is just fine. However, if you are gong to address a possible female audience, perhaps cute guys could also be puppies? (Maybe even without a female audience, guys could be puppies?) Perhaps this is just my creeping decrepitude and crankiness? I think it is more, though.

How will teens react? That is the $20,000 question. I am anxious to take it into a school and see. <319>

An observation: the copyright page notes the book was written with "help" from other individuals. Small type--almost missed that. I would think along the path to world domination that an explanation is in order and perhaps more acknowledgment of the role of the others in "helping" to write the book. I had this same issue with the Madonna books, especially the early ones, where the illustrator's name was almost too obscure to see.


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