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Things E Lockhart is good at...

1. creating Ruby Oliver, a complex teen girl who makes me laugh and wince alternately (could it be because I recognize the Ruby in me?)
2. writing novels about said Ruby that make me laugh even though sometimes the laugh is a rueful one
3. making me care about Ruby and whether she will ever hook up with a guy worthy of her (I so wanted her to get together with Noel)
4. writing footnotes readers actually look forward to and just enough of them to matter but not too many to annoy readers
5. giving good advice about relationships through her characters
6. writing warm and witty books for girls
7. keeping up a cool web site
8. writing a nifty book called TOYS GO OUT under a pen name
9. always leaving me wanting more of Ruby’s story (please let there be some more books coming)
10. writing……

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