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one more before quittin' time

Before I head out in the triple digit afternoon, I thought I would post some thoughts on this book, one I picked up jsut to glance at this afternoon. I ended up reading "chapters" as I had time in between other activities.

THE BOOK OF POTENTIALLY CATASTROPHIC SCIENCE by Sean Connolly is subtitled 50 EXPERIMENTS FOR DARING YOUNG SCIENTISTS. Chapters talk about renowned scientists and experimenters such as Galileo and Ben Franklin and The Wright Brothers as well as inventions like the Super Collider. After each brief chapter, there are experiments readers can perform. They range from only mildly dangerous to completely catastrophic depending on the skills and materials and processes required. These literally are experiments that could be tried at home with willing parental assistance and supervision. Humor is a welcome addition to science for me. And this one scores high on humor as well as the science end of the spectrum. <315>
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