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Spent two hours weeding some more this morning in my office and produced another 2 book carts of give away books. I also pulled some picture books to read while the sweat dried and before I tacked the bookcase on the other side of the office. So, here is your official Picture Book Monday update (though many of these books are from last year and had been buried on shelves).

HERE COMES THE BIG MEAN DUST BUNNY (Beach Lane, 2009)by Jan Thomas is the sequel to THE DUST BUNNIES. They are back, this time rhyming away as usual but faced with a foe: a mean old dust bunny. Bright colors, simple illustrations, great good humor: what more could you want? <309>

Margie Palatini teams with Barry Moser in LOUSY, ROTTEN, STINKIN' GRAPES (Simon and Schuster) is, of course, a variation of Aesop's THE FOX AND THE GRAPES with a slightly larger cast of characters and a lot more humor and fun. <310>

Jon Scieszka and David Shannon have some fun with toys in ROBOT ZOT (Simon and Schuster 2009). Zot destroys anything in his way be it a blender, a toaster, or other warriors in order to save the fair queen (a remote control). These simple onomatopoeiac picture books are much fun to read aloud. <311>

SOPHIE PETERMAN TELLS THE TRUTH by Sarah Weeks with illustrations by Robert Neubecker (Beach Lane 2009) picks up where quieter books like PETER'S CHAIR leave off. Sophie tells readers the entire and real truth about having a baby brother added to the family. It is NOT a food thing! <312>

Finally, Doreen Cronin and Scott Menchin give readers a chance to STRETCH (Atheneum 2009). Stretching in all of its forms is here, be it yoga type movements or stretching into yawns and smiles. <313>

Back to weeding....
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