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08 August 2010 @ 06:01 pm
Consumerism and Green Culture  

Quiet Sundays mean more time to read. Here is #bookaday entry two. GET REAL: WHAT KIND OF WORLD ARE YOU BUYING? (Running Press 2010) by Mara Rockliff is a succinct guide for teens who want to be more savvy consumers. Chapters on going greener, buying less and getting more, being aware of advertising's long claws and much more will provide readers with valuable knowledge and some idea about how to proceed to be less consumerist. Trash, toxins, food additives--it is all here (with a handy index to help you locate the info you seek). The columns are nicely broken up with diagrams, charts, call out boxes, but those never get in the way of the text itself. <308>

BTW, I did check and the book is printed on 100% recycled paper with soy based inks. Practicing what they preach--good!
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Katherine Quimbywordsrmylife on August 9th, 2010 02:01 am (UTC)
Oh this one sounds good! Thanks for the recommendation.