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one more book

I spent most of today working on projects. I weeded some of the shelves in my office and yielded a cart full of give away books. I wrote an essay for a friend who is writing a book on audiobooks. I attended the dedication of our Teacher Education Center being renamed for some wonderful benefactors. Finally, I grabbed the new picture book by the collaboration of Laban Carrick Hill and Bryan Collier (Little Brown 2010): DAVE THE POTTER: ARTIST, POET, SLAVE.

In wonderfully spare words and incredible collage and watercolor illustrations, this team tells the story of a potter named Dave. Dave worked with clay and threw incredible pots. Onto each, he wrote a short poem. Sometimes the poem described the pot, sometimes it commented on what might be stored in the pot. The poems could be humorous or serious observations about his life. This small slice of history is brought to life through words and pictures that create a lovely harmony together. <301>

And now I think I will head home. I will do more weeding tomorrow (yes, Saturday is graduation and I will come up here early to do some work when all is quiet). There is already a stack of new books on my desk.
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