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back at the office

It was not easy to get up this morning at 5, but I managed to convince myself that I was back on Central time. Dropped the resident off at band "camp" at school. She is section leader and I think there will be payback for all the dirt done to her as a fish. In any event, I have managed to grade work and clear my desk (mostly) and email and such. So, 'tis time to dip into the picture book stack for a few moments.

Here are two books that parody familiar poems.

HALLOWEEN NIGHT by Marjorie Dennis Murray with illustrations by Brandon Dorman (Greenwillow 2010) uses "A Visit from St. Nicolas" to tell of a wonderful evening buffet cooked up by the denizens of Halloween including zombies, bats, witches,, and ghosts. Unfortunately, the more human trick or treaters do not appreciate this fine cuisine. I particularly love how the illustrations have sort of an eerie glow about them. <294>

THE BICKLEBYS' BIRDBATH by Andre Perry with illustrations by Roberta Angaramo (Atheneum 2010) uses "The House that Jack Built" as its basis for parody. The story opens with a mailman falling into the Bicklebys' birdbath. How he got there is the story that unfolds a spread at a time. It involves crows and a moose, and a goose among other things. Lots of hilarity ensue in pictures and in text. <295>
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