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before i fall into bed

We arrived about lunch time here in So Cal (well their lunch time) and spent all afternoon with my sister and her family. Now, I am trying hard to stay awake even though my body is telling me it needs to go to bed. Read two books on the plane, but am posting about two books I read earlier in the week.

Ignore the Jennifer Aniston on the cover of POSER and enjoy the story of a new kid at school who wants so much to belong that she tells a little fib about knowing how to surf. Of course, this leads to a surf disaster. However, with a few nice twists and turns, all ends well. This is a perfect beach book for young teen girls. It deals with family and friends, and having to start over, and bullies, and mean girls. Like I said, perfect beach book.

SPOTTING FOR NELLIE by Pamela Lowell is also a story of family. In this case, two sisters. Nellie is the gifted gymnast, probably heading to nationals. Her older sister still takes lessons and trains, but her heart is no longer in it. Instead, she is consumed with her new boyfriend. When the sisters head to a beach party that ends badly, both lives are changed. A car accident sends Nellie into a coma. Aside from the cautionary tale about the dangers of drinking and driving, there are deeper issues here. Multiple bnarrators, including Nellie's brain, create a nice depth to the story as well.

Hopefully I will be more coherent tomorrow. Plan a trip to Newport Coast.

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