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holy genre blending, Batman!

Michael Cart wrote some years ago about a new golden age in YA literature. I think we are seeing a whole freaking Renaissance now because not only is YA alive and well, but we are getting more and more books for those lovely tween readers who sometimes slipped between the cracks. Add to that the lovely blurring of lines between and among genre, the rise of GN format, and taboo topics becoming almost commonplace and, well, GOLDEN, right?

Today's book is a great example of what I am talking about. Karen Romano Young's DOODLEBUG (Feiwel and Friends 2010) is subtitled A NOVEL IN DOODLES. And it is, kinds, sorta, just that. Dodo (Doreen) and her family are moving. In the life of anyone, this might cause angst. However, for Dodo it is particularly painful. New schools mean having to adapt yet again. Plus, Dodo has to get her new teachers to understand her need to doodle and move around (ADD) and that she learns much through movement and through her doodling. Complications are, of course, here as well. A younger sister, a cat left behind by the previous tenants of the apartment, whether or not her parents will continue to have jobs, etc. All of this is related through words (few) and doodles (many). These are not the panels and frames of a graphic novel, but they are just as simple for the reader to follow as they travel across and up and down the pages. Characters come to life, emotions are so real as to be palpable. This could easily be a book overlooked for the cover or title that suggests rather a romp and not an unusual examination of the life of one girl who copes with lots of situations through hunor and doodles.


Here is my lovely SoCal pedi. TMI, right? The resident of the back bedroom loves the color. So do I.

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