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you guessed it: Picture Book Monday

Had to take a break from writing curriculum. Head hurting. Treatment? Some picture books to lift my spirits.

HOW ROCKET LEARNED TO READ by Tad Hills (Schwartz and Wade, 2010) is about a reluctant pupil, a dog who does not want to join the impromptu class of one being offered by a little yellow bird. When bird begins reading a book about a dog who has lost her bone, however, Rocket finds himself drawn to the class after all.

In the interest of equal time, we have KINDERGARTEN CAT by J. Patrick Lewis with illustrations by Ailie Busby (Schwartz and Wade, 2010). A stray cat, found by the school janitor, becomes the pet of the Kindergarten class. As it turns out, Tinker Toy is a very smart cat. J. Pat Lewis' rollicking verse makes this a terrific read aloud for those first nervous days of school.

Never has there been a more recalcitrant reader than the one in MISS BROOKS LOVES BOOKS (AND I DON'T) by Barbara Bottner and illustrated by Michael Emberley (Knopf 2010). You have to admire the tenacity of Miss Brooks who is bound and determined to win over Missy. Part of the charm of the story is the book that wins the heart, well maybe not quite the heart, but at least the grudging admiration of the reluctant reader.

Finally, (for this installment at least) is DEAR TYRANNOSAURUS REX by Lisa McClatchy and illustrated by John Manders (Random House 2010). Erin issues a lovingly detailed invitation to the T Rex to come to her birthday party and participate in all the fun. Will the invite be enticing enough to bring the dino to the party?
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