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nifty ghost story

The Carver family relocates to an old beach house during the war. Father believes his children will all be safe well outside of the city. However, it is not long before strangely threatening events befall the family. First, Max and Alicia's baby sister takes a nearly fatal stumble down the stairs. When Max and Alicia join forces with the local lighthouse keeper's grandson, Roland, and explore the mysterious death of the son of the previous owner of the beach house, the disturbing presence of the creature known only as The Prince of the Mists appears to collect a debt owed from the past. All three teens' lives are now in jeopardy.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon has fashioned a creepy mystery with plenty of atmosphere in THE PRINCE OF MISTS (Little Brown, May 2010). Compelling, detailed (to add an air of credibility), and nuanced, this mystery turns sinister moving the reader ever forward to a shattering climax and conclusion.

Here is Scout making sure none of us is thinking about leaving him...

Tags: bookaday, mystery
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