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home again

Scout and Rocky were pleased to see their humans return home from San Angelo this afternoon. Their "aunt" took care of them in our absence so they did not lack for food, water, petting, and catnip and toys. However, they are always eager to see their schedules go back to normal. So am I.

I graded all my students' work, caught up on email and social networks, and have this one last task before heading off to stretch out and watch mindless TV.

NO SUCH THING AS DRAGONS by Phillip Reeve (Scholastic, September 2010) is a perfect action/adventure dragon story for tweens and young teens. I can see this book leading readers to Reeve's other novels for older readers (FEVER CRUMB especially) and also Jonathan Stroud's HEROES OF THE VALLEY. Ansel has been handed over by his father to a dragon slayer. Along their journey, Ansel discovers that the dragon slayer leads a life of lies as there are no such thing as dragons. At least that is what he believes at the outset of the tale. It is not long, however, before Ansel and his new master are confronted with a new and alarming truth: there are dragons and they are about to come face to face with one. From the fabulous cover to the terrific artwork heading each chapter opening to the fasgt paced action, there is much here to be admired. I am happy that THERE BE DRAGONS HERE.
Tags: tween books
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