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on the road again

Spent most of the day driving north and west to San Angelo where tomorrow I speak to educators (teachers and librarians) about new books and READING LADDERS. Here is my #bookaday, though. BUTTERFLY by Sonya Hartnett (Candlewick, August 2010) joins her other masterful novels as a book that will linger after reading, a book that demands re-reading, something that shakes what we know to its core. Plum, turning 14, adores her older brothers, submits to the rather cruel ministrations of her so-called friends, and basically exults in the drama of her teen life.

Then, things change. And I cannot truly say too much more because this is a book that needs to be experienced firsthand. But there are betrayals, there are twists, there are moments of great humor and moments of sheer tragedy. I plan to come back to this book later so that I can talk about it with others who have had the incredible opportunity to enjoy Hartnett at the top of her game.
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