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so many students, so little time

So, as I have said before, I hate teaching summer school. Most of what I dislike is the fact that students have so much to do in so little time. I have actually winnowed my required reading to the bone and try to be reasonable in terms of assignments. However, I hate that somehow these folks get by with less than the students in the regular semester. Still have not figured out how to balance all this. *sighs*

Good news: lovely thank you note from Deborah Heiligman on the heels of her Printz speech. A chance to catch up on a couple of picture books I did not blog about Monday. And I finished an audiobook on the drive up here today. So, I still make my #bookaday commitment. Add in 21 grad students who left here shell shocked but (I think and hope) feeling better about getting all the work done and it was not too shabby a Saturday.

So, Monday I read these:

My boss took off with TIME TO SLEEP, SHEEP THE SHEEP almost before I was done reading it for one of her nephews. I love this new series by Mo Willems. This is a book all about getting ready to go to sleep. Of course, all of the animals are getting into pajamas, getting last drinks of water, brushing teeth, etc. Everyone is ready except for the owl. Humor is present, of course. The illustrations are perfection. We talked about Mo's books in class today (they have to read DON'T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS and I read them KNUFFLE BUNNY). The students know the appeal. So do the kids. <267>

The soft colors and the rather charming face on the cover do not truly let readers know what is in store for them in ONE SMART COOKIE (Harper 2010) by Amy Krouse Rosenthal with illustrations by Jane and Brooke Dyer. However, the thoughtful dog with pencil in mouth might just give a sly hint as perhaps will the mouse and the bird (see mouse reading on the cover?). The book opens with the word PROMPT in all caps and bold faced. So, it appears this will be about learning new words, and it is that. Then double page spreads compare and contrast words such as prepared and unprepared, so there is more than a simple vocabulary lesson going on apparently. Along the way, cookies are prepared and shared and used in the illustrations, ever broadening the scope of this concept picture book. Of course, having the recipe at the end makes this a delicious book on so many levels. <268>
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