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Making it: universal story for teens?

HOW I MADE IT TO EIGHTEEN: A MOSTLY TRUE STORY by Tracy White (Roaring Brook 2010) is a GN in black and white that recounts the author's self-commitment to a treatment facility. Nontraditional in its approach as it is in its storytelling, the author uses differing formats (for instance, several double page spreads where Tracy's friends are asked questions about what they knew about her condition and her situation) to let readers know what happened both in and out of treatment. Certainly, some of the territory will be familiar to many teens: problems with parents, a self-absorbed boyfriend, drugs, self image problems, etc. What is unique, I think, is the up close and personal glimpse we get into the life of Tracy as she resides in the treatment house. There is no flinching away from the truths here even though our main "character" does try to do that herself. <264>

Looks like rain will keep temps down a bit here today. Rain will also permit me to do some more reading. YAY for the dog days of summer in Texas, perfect for hibernating with a book and a laptop.
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