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zombies everywhere

When I was younger, so much younger than today, my mother took a short term job working for a relatively new director named George Romero. He was working on this low budget thing called NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Little did any of us know that this was destined to become such a cult classic. Perhaps that is what draws me to zombie books such as HOW TO BE A ZOMBIE by Serena Valentino. Here we learn categories of zombies from the classic to voodoo to necromantic archetypes. Also here are tips on how to dress like a zombie and how to do some make up to zombify yourself as well.

It was a quick read, one that I know has a built in audience already. <263>

Side note: it is amazing to watch the news coverage of the "heat" wave. What the networks are covering is what we down here call summer. It starts in May and continues until September or October those July and August are the worst. Stay inside, drink fluids, wear loose natural fabrics. Run the heck out of the AC units. This, too, shall pass.
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