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Picture Book Monday: Going Back to School Edition

While I am waiting for the final assignments to come trickling in (this is the last day os Summer I classes; Summer II begins Wednesday), I am reading a few picture books. There are quite a few that deal with going back to school, perfect choices for late summer sharing.

BUFFALO KINDERGARTEN (Harper 2010) by Audrey Vernick shows the ins and outs of attending kindergarten when you are a little, well, different, as in a buffalo. Buffalo manages to adapt to the routine of being in kindergarten well sending a lovely message to those who might worry about fitting in. <258>

I love Antionette Portis' books (Not a Box) and KINDERGARTEN DIARY is no exception (Harper 2010), On lined paper reminiscent of my old Big Chief tablets, we get the month long journal of a new student in Ms. Duffy's class. Imaginations can run wild, and sometimes that is a good thing. Show and tell, class pets, and all of the other wonderful fun of school are here. <259>

Robert Quackenbush gives us FIRST DAY JITTERS (Harper 2010). A young boy is worried about moving from the known (Kindergarten) to the unknown and possibly dangerous (first grade). <260>

Jack Prelutsky is the anthologist for THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE SCHOOL (Greenwillow 2010) featuring poems by Lee Bennett Hopkins, Sara Holbrook, Kalli Dakos, and a host of others. <261>

Finally, from the young author of HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS comes a no-nonsense approach to RULES FOR SCHOOL (Collins 2010). Alec Greven discusses the need to stay on top of things, do homework, get along with others as well as the really important stuff like let loose at lunch and get rid of the ants in your pants. <262>

Now, back to grading for a bit. Stay tuned.
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