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01 July 2010 @ 03:25 pm
Between reading the assignments from 60 children's lit students and preparing for an all day presentation in west Texas in a couple of weeks, I have found it tough to concentrate on a book. So, #failbookaday for today at least. Since I read 45 books last month, I guess I can take a day off here and there. I have two books going right now and both are good reads. I am just so tired that when I begin to read, I can feel my eyes close.

I will say, though, that reading the social networking reports and seeing my students become tweeps has been more than rewarding. In this day of budget cuts, I think they are beginning to see the PLN possibilities for Twitter and for Facebook, too.

And now, back to reading.

BTW, this is the first week of audiobook giveaways over at www.audiobooksynch.com

I downloaded the wonderful Simon Vance reading FRANKENSTEIN (Tantor) and a James Patterson novel as well. It's all free! Go take a look.
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