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let's talk about sex, baby

I get books in the mail from publishers. I do not always request said books. More and more of the smaller presses have somehow discovered nmy home address and are sending me copies of books. Such is the case for this one:

I took one look at the cover and thought, "well, you have my attention." The resident of the back bedroom took one look at the cover and wrinkled her nose and left the room. My better half simply arched an eyebrow. I decided that it would be my #bookaday for yesterday. However, I was so exhausted from the ALA excursion that I left the blogging of it to today when I might be a tad more rested.

As the title suggests, this si a book about sex for teens. My question is, then, why are there two cows having sex on the cover? It is the only thing I dod not like about this frank and honest examination of sex for teens. The layout is good (and inside my head, I am making all the double entendres, I assure you). The information is wide ranging. It uses the vernacular as well as the "correct" names for body parts, sexual acts, and the like. It would have been a book I hid from my mother and read over and over again.

This is the YA counterpart for books such as IT'S PERFECTLY NORMAL and is aimed at teens and not parents. It is most definitely NOT your mother's book about sex. Zest Books, 2010

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