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farewell DC

Apparently I am heading home just in time to welcome a hurricane named Alex. My students in south Texas are scurrying to get supplies together and still get their assignments completed on time. Bless them.

Here is the book I read yesterday. I am trying to catch up on the #bookaday postings.

Think spare. Think syllable level care in telling a story. Think LORD OF THE FLIES meets CHOCOLATE WAR meets SHATTERING GLASS. You still would not have what comprises this slim novel, NOTHING. I was prepared for the story having seen a couple of reviews mentioning LORD OF THE FLIES. However, the escalation and the ending are simply not predictable. The book blew me away.

In an effort to prove to a classmate that there is a reason and purpose to life, a group of students begin to compile a pile of meaning. Each orders another to contribute something that is meaningful to them. Before long, though, these "items" become more than simply beloved possessions. The danger and darkness escalate and just when you think there is redemption, there is NOTHING.
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