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Monstrous fun

Rick Yancey is a wonderful guy, too. Who knows where all this darkness originates. We got to meet the whole family. His older son attends college here in DC and his wife and middle school son were with him as well. He signed new copies of MONSTRUMOLOGIST with the lovely Printz seal for each of us and we all got bound manuscripts of the sequel signed, too. SQUEE!!!!

Books are now shipped home and soon I will bid adieu to my family who is flying out today. Then, off to lunch with John Barnes (TALES OF THE MADMAN UNDERGROUND) and Penguin.

Then back here to pack and clean up before heading out for the reception.

I hope to upload some photos once I return. I will also attempt to post about the books I am reading.
Tags: ala, rick yancey, simon and schuster
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