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27 June 2010 @ 09:53 am
Busy busy busy  
Yesterday was a blur here at ALA. I did tweeet out the schedule for my day which was full and wonderful. I took the resident of the back bedroom to the HarperCollins breakfast where she got to mingle with David Gill (LJs thunderchikin and author of BLACK HOLE SUN). We met Lauren Oliver (BEFORE I FALL) and I think I managed not to babble about the book. Sat next to Mary Rose Wood (INCORRIGIBLE CHILDREN) and had a ball. She is animated and funny.

After breakfast, we took the shuttle over to the Convention Center for a meeting with other YALSA online course instructors. Eve Gaus was terrific and I know think I can Moodle with the best of them.

Then, my better half joined the two of us for exhibits. Got a hug from Christopher Paul Curtis. Talked to Scottie Bowditch and Adrienne Waintraub and Tracy Lerner and Sharon Hancock and Tim Jones and Dina Sherman and others I am probably forgetting. We picked up some ARCS, too.

Next was a lunch courtesy of LBYR with Cornelia Funke. Divine. I now have an ARC of RECKLESS (posted about it here last week).

Dashed from lunch to the YALSA NONFICTION COMMITTEE. I was appointed a week ago and have been trying to play catch up in my reading. It was a terrific meeting and I know we will have some great books on the shortlist at the end of the year.

Last, but not least, was a dinner with Deborah Heiligman courtesy of MacMillan with the Prints and Nonfiction Committees. Great food, interesting conversation and a champagne toast to Deborah Heiligman and to CHARLES AND EMMA.

Now, we are off for some food. Exhibits later and dinner tonight with Adam Rapp.
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lindajsingletonlindajsingleton on June 27th, 2010 06:40 pm (UTC)
It sounds wonderful! I met Cornelia Funke at a signing once and love her books. Have a great time!

Linda Joy Singleton