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DC for ALA

Today was one long meeting of the USBBY Board. However, I have a couple of books to post from the trip here and the past couple of nights when I have not been doing marathon grading (today my pal Lois did the marathon grading for the class). The bright spot was the end of the day as we were enjoying our dinner and in walked Wendy Lamb and Rebecca Stead. Nice treat.

I learned a lot from this snarky book on American history. I kept pestering my better half who is the history buff in the family. Turns out he knew all this stuff. Guess I was not paying enough attention. While it is not a book I would recommend reading from cover to cover, it is more interesting than an textbook ever. It also boils down to essences what is important to know. I think it would be a great thing to share with kids as guide for writing summaries of historic events. <249>

Now back to grading. Tomorrow is breakfast with the lovely HarperCollins people. Meetings after than and finally a dinner with Deborah Heiligman, author of Printz Honor Book, CHARLES AND EMMA.
Tags: ala, dc

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