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How nice to be in DC and have one day without meetings. My better half, the resident of the back bedroom and I went to the National Cathedral today and had a fabulous time. After we returned to the hotel, we walked down the street and had Mediterranean tappas at another restaurant the concierge suggested. OMG, good. Now, I am catching up on grading and email and other things since it is more than 100 degrees out there right now. Last time I was in DC, it was considerably cooler. I think I might not be wearing any fancy clothes unless it cools WAY off.

Here are a few snapshots.

Better half and resident leaving the cathedral:


Mosaic wall from Chapel of the Resurrection

We lit a candle in the chapel for our daughter who would have celebrated her 44th birthday on Father's Day. It has been 8 years since her death and, sadly, the resident of the back bedroom is losing most of her memories of her. We do talk about her and tell the stories, but 8 years is a long time for the resident who was only 8 then.

Tomorrow's meeting is here in the hotel. An all day event with the USBBY Board. Better half and resident have an all day tour of the capitol. *Sighs*
Tags: doing the tourist thing

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