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treat for Turkey Day

Had a nice long flight from Indy to Houston yesterday and managed to do some reading. Read the galley of the forthcoming novel by Brent Hartinger, ORDER OF THE POISON OAK. Already am a fan of this new writer from his two previous books: LAST CHANCE TEXACO and THE GEOGRAPHY CLUB. ORDER OF THE POISON OAK tells about a summer of firsts for a teen who has recently come out of the closet. He and two of his friends head off to be camp counselors. The first group of kids to come to the camp are burn survivors (not burn victims). Russel learns some valuable lessons from the campers about facing adversity and about dealing with a large group of kids who do not seem to care that there is an adult in charge (some keen observations about teaching here).

I also began reading and am about midway through one of the NBA finalists (and only in our circles would NBA have to do with a book and not with a BRAWL), THE LEGEND OF BUDDY MOSES. I can see this book as a wonderful lead in to MISSISSIPPI TRIAL, 1955, by Chris Crowe, as it relates the events of a fateful summer when Buddy Bush was accused of flirting with a white woman and placed in jail. It is, though, first and foremost, a story of a remarkable family. The story is told from the point of view of a young girl who sees the injustice in EVERYTHING, not just in how Buddy is treated but in how her mother treats her like a child as well.

The ALAN workshop concluded Tuesday with one of the most incredible sessions on sexual identity in YA literature. James Cook lead this panel that included Jacqueline Woodons, Sharon Dennis Wyeth, Brent Hartinger, and David Levithan. Standing ovations at the end, truly inspiring and motivating to all in attendance.

More about the conference later once I catch up on sleep and email and all the laundry. Happy reading to you, but wait until the tryptithan wears off before reading anything you might need to recall later.
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