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capitol reading

We arrived in DC unscathed and on time. Other than a nasty cabbie who kept telling us to hurry up and pulled away from the curb at the airport before my better half could close the door, we made it to the hotel. The concierge directed us to a wonderful place where we had the best pizza ever (or at least in recent memory). Back to the room to grade (yes, 60 students have assignments due by midnight) and some reading and catching up on Twitter and Facebook. Now, soon, to bed. Before that, though, here is the reading for today.

I downloaded TWILIGHT:THE GRAPHIC NOVEL, VOL. 1 (Yen Press, 2010) onto the Kindle reader on my iPad. It was a quick read, of course. I did think that the illustrations and the abridgment worked well in the case of this novel. The illustrations captured the darkness of the setting and of Edward's brooding family as well as the dazzling revelation in the forest. I will be curious to see how the resident of the back bedroom who is a diehard fan of the series will react to it.
Now, folks, to rest a little after a long and HOT day. Will be tweeting and doing blogs and Facebook updates from the conference. Tomorrow is my only day without meetings, so we are heading out to do some sightseeing.
Tags: ala, dc, gns
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