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I <3 Babymouse. Here is her latest adventure: CUPCAKE TYCOON. Jenni and Matt Holm bring their talents to this saga of BabyMouse working hard in a fund raiser. Of course, the reason there must be a fundraiser is that BabyMouse, in her enthusiasm to reach a book, caused the library to be ruined. Now, she must find a way to sell the most cupcakes and win the prize. Random House, September 2010 <241>

A DIGNITY OF DRAGONS by Jacqueline Ogburn wiuth lush illustrations by Nicolette Ceccoli presents collective nouns for various mythological beings. Try these out: a riddle of sphinx, a resurrection of phoenix, an amazement of minotaurs. Perfection. Houghton Mifflin, 2010. <242>

On Halloween, Lee proclaims that she no longer fears the specter known as Hubknuckles. She insists it is nothing more than one of her parents with a flashlight and a sheet. In HUBKNUCKLES by Emily Herman with illustrations by Deborah Ray Kogan (that are appropriately dark but not frightening), Lee screws up her courage to venture outside in the dark and dance with Hubknuckles. <243>

How to stop sucking a thumb: not an easy situation in THUMB LOVE by Elise Primavera (Robin Corey Books, 2010). Lulu loves her thumb and thumb loves Lulu. However, Lulu knows she has to give up sucking her thumb eventually. Kids will love watching Lulu struggle with her decision to stop sucking (though she and thumb will remain good friends). <244>
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