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the long awaited return of Picture Book Monday

If it's Monday, it must be office day. And office day means Picture Book day as well. I cleared a sopt on the desk for some new arrivals and here they are. I will post them in a few groups as I grab some time to read.

CHICKEN SCRATCHES by George Shannon and Lynn Brunelle with illustrations by Scott Menchin (Chronicle 2010) made me giggle. There is something about poultry and poetry that makes for an egg-citing combination. Poems range from chicks learning to walk to penny pinching hens and ballet chickens laying eggs in their tights. <238>

And speaking of ballet, here is the story of a dog who longs to dance. DOGS DON'T DO BALLET by Anna Kemp with illustrations by Sara Ogilvie gives readers Biff, not exactly the name (or the face or body type) one would associate with dance. But Biff does love ballet and even saves a performance one night in a borrowed tutu. (Simon and Schuster 2010). <239>

I CAN SAVE THE OCEAN (Little Simon 2010) is a message book, but an essential one for kids who want to be more environmentally aware. Printed on recycled paper (hurray!), it practices what it preaches. <240>

More later. Now back to curriculum forms (ugh).
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